36 hours in Chicago

Chicago was a big city in many ways. It was large in diameter, height and history.

It was also a strange city. The transit (train) ran on a bridge over the road and through the buildings, which is very different from the UK where the railway and stations tend to be situated away from the main centre.

However, it was a beautiful city. Riding the tour boat we were able to see a significant range of the buildings, from industrialism to post modernism and the famous Hartshorne Plunkard architect firm. The height of the buildings were unbelievable! And as Chicago is known as the Windy City, the Willis building is designed to sway three feet in any direction!

Besides from the buildings, Chicago is also well known for it’s pizza, therefore I was obligated to try some! And it was very good. It wasn’t chewy like a lot of American pizza, which I liked!

In the evening we wanted to see Chicago by night. It was even more breathtaking. A lot of the buildings were lit up and the atmosphere in the bar we went in was great too!

Overall, Chicago was great but unless you like architecture, there’s not much there too see. I enjoyed my 36 hours in Chicago, and maybe if I could have I would stretch this to 48 or 72. Although I would not need to spend more time than this here.


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