I left my heart in San Francisco 

I’ve fallen in love. San Francisco was such a pleasant surprise. It has so much culture. As the new technology capital it has everything from Chinatown, Japantown to the Italian and Spanish areas as well as a 1960s/70s neighbourhood.

For a city it is quite small, 7 miles by 7 miles, and is very different to the rest of California for a number of reasons.
Firstly, it’s a peninsula meaning it’s a lot cooler and windier than the rest of California. However, this enables it to have many beautiful views.

Secondly, it holds many records. It contains the biggest park in the US, Golden Gate Bridge Park.

As well as the crookedest street in the US, Lombard Street.

Not forgetting the most photographed bridge in the world, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Not only does San Francisco hold many records, it also has a lot of history such as Alcatraz, the federal prison on an island inhabiting America’s most dangerous criminals.

And Fisherman’s Wharf which gained its’ name in the late 1800s when Italian fisherman came to the city to take advantage of the gold rush.

More recent history includes Haight-Ashbury which is famous for the hipster/ hippie neighbourhood, containing many vintage clothes, records and Tibetan stores.

As well as being home to Jimmi Hendrix’s house.

Last but not least, San Francisco is home to a number of sea lions, making the pier even more popular with the tourists!

Overall, San Francisco is definitely worth visiting if you are interested in a variety of cultures, historical monuments and beautiful views. The only downside is the steep hills and the hundreds of homeless people. But if you’re prepared to deal with the hills and donate the odd dollar, San Francisco is the place for you.


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