Making your memories last a lifetime

Participating in a work and travel programme you’re constantly busy, whether this be working or travelling. What is sometimes forgotten is that when you’re working you’re making as many memories as when you’re travelling. This may be through talking to colleagues, or guests, or just events that occur during your shift. 

The saddest realisation I’ve had though, is that I’m not going to remember all the little things I’ve done. So I’m very thankful to my friends and family for my travel memory gifts which include:

A camera

Whether you’re a photographer or not, you’ll become one when travelling. 

A powerpack so I always have charge for those Instagram worthy pictures and making all my Snapchat friends jealous of course! Plus its a reminder to have fun.

A scrapbook (unfortunately this didn’t fit in my case) but I will fill it with selected photos and tickets .

For those that are less creative, travel journals are brilliant for writing down events and memories that have happened. As well as recording your itinerary. 

Finally, postcards and little items that remind you of things. 

Postcards are especially good, if like me, your photography skills aren’t brilliant!

At the end if the day, you’re not going to remember as much as you think or as you want to. So for anyone wanting to travel, I urge you to try at least one of these techniques. They’re not particularly expensive or time consuming either, which makes everything better!


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