Adventuring beyond the resort

This week I was blessed with two days off, so myself, and a few friends ventured into the local town on one of the days and the beach on the other. 
The town was so typically American- very small, with only a few stores and restaurants. 

The shops looked really small on the outside but they go really far back. The weirdest thing though was the toy/ book store. There was a cage with degus in it! But they weren’t for sale! It was surreal and not like anything you find in England, especially as there was a coffee shop on the other side of the shop! 

As well as the toy and book store, there was the worlds longest candy counter store. There was so many sweets I could not believe my eyes! There was also loads of chocolate covered food and homemade fudge! It smelt AMAZING! 

After exploring the town we treated ourselves to a Chinese buffet. We ate so much because it was something different to the same American cuisine we’d been eating the last 5 weeks, and it was only €10.95!

On my second day off I travelled even further from the resort, two hours to Hampton beach. When we arrived it was quite cloudy so we set up our towels, played frisbee and had snacks. 

We then went for a walk along the promenade looking in all the beach shops and at the street food. Who knew you could deep fry ice cream? And Oreos for that matter! 

Thankfully it had brightened up and was significantly warmer so we went back to the beach and into the ocean. 

However, I was still really hot so went to a food stall and bought the best mango smoothie. The key ingredient is a little bit of honey. It was so good I had to take a selfie! 

We stayed at the beach until the clouds came over again and drove back to the resort. On the way back we unfortunately got caught in a storm. The rain was so heavy we couldn’t even see the car infront. It was ridiculous! We needed to settle our nerves and fill our stomachs so we ate dinner at Red Apple in Concord, which was an even better Chinese/ Italian/ American/ Japanese buffet! The perfect end to the perfect day. 

As amazing as the resort and the mountain view is, it was nice to escape elsewhere and see other views! 


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