Independence Day 2017

As an “English lass” I probably shouldn’t be celebrating the 4th of July but it’s hard not to when the Americans go so over the top with it. 
Unfortunately, the Saturday of the weekend was a bit of a disappointment as there was a storm, although that was pretty amazing to watch! So the hotel fireworks were postponed to the Sunday and they were something else entirely! 

There was patriotic music playing in the background, guests sat on picnic blankets on the lawn with glow sticks in their hair and fire pits in full blast. 

The fireworks lasted about 20 minutes and just got better and better as time went on. 

The hotel was also decorated for the occasion, with flags hung across the front porch and the front veranda. 

The hotel kids club set off the weekend celebrations with a canon at 1pm on the 2nd, when the treaty was officially signed. Continuing the event, the children participated in their own way with a giant water balloon fight, in which my roommate, Emily, had to blow up 10,000 balloons!

Sadly I was working on the day itself, as the hotel was filled to capacity with people all across country staying for the occasion. However, the American employees still got in the Independence Day spirit wearing items of red, white and blue, greeting guests and serving “All-American Apple Pie Milkshake” as a 4th of July special. 

In the evening, the activities centre held celebrations from 6pm with a bouncy house for the children, a live country band and food stands selling the famous Independence Day hot dogs and burgers, as well as salads and drinks before the fireworks at 9pm. 

It’s fair to say Americans are far away more patriotic and celebrate a lot more than the British on their national holidays. 


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