Dealing with Homesickness

You could be having the best day of your life. Then suddenly it hits you how far from home you are, or how different from home the area you are is in. Or maybe something happened and you just want a loved one, or to be back in your own surroundings. 

It’s hard. Especially when you’re away for a while. But everyone experiences it. It’s perfectly normal to be homesick. Some may just express it more openly than others. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. If anything it means you’re stronger for persevering through it. 

But how do you cope? 

Sometimes a video call can help, or looking at pictures. These may make you miss home more. But you’ve just got to remember that you’re not here forever. Immerse yourself in your surroundings and people around you. 

Go for a walk. Take some pictures. Do something cultural. 

You just have to remember, the people you love and the places you come from, are all under the same stars. 


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